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Innovative Home Cooking Recipes in the Form of Yummy Bites Meal
 In the midst of the Corona virus outbreak, parents are certainly more selective in choosing food for their children. The method of cooking food itself is one way for parents to keep their little one's food clean. However, for some parents, the most common obstacle faced is not much time available to cook food. In addition, if you buy food from outside, it is not necessarily clean and nutritionally preserved.        This is what makes Yummy Bites present a new range of products, namely Yummy Bites Meal. Yummy Bites Meal is a ready-to-eat food that uses home recipes and is processed through a sterilization process and using vacuum technology to maintain food quality. Consists of 3 types of choices according to your little one's age, namely 6 months, 8 months and 10 months. Yummy Bites Meal offers a variety of flavors, textures and ingredients that are tailored to your little one's needs. “…. This is really easy for all of you who might not make solid food. Gluten Free, Sodium Free, Fiber is also a lot and everything is natural. There are Sweet Pumpkin and Pear flavors. Then there are the flavors of Sweet Potato and Rice, Pear and Rice and many other flavor choices " "So here there are also step 1, step 2 and step 3. Now this means that if step 1 starts with MPASI, like for example 6 months, the texture is still very smooth, this is step 1. Step 2, the texture has started. Step 3 is getting rough. So this Yummy Bites Meal has a step 1,2,3 too. So it's not just making it carelessly, ”said Sandra Dewi on her Instagram Story Monday, August 24, 2020. All available flavors are served fresh and using recipes at home. This will make it easier for parents who are still working but still want to provide the best nutrition to their little one even though they have limited time. Yummy Bites Meal served with neutral taste. without added sugar and salt, so that the taste served is natural. Make sure your little one's nutritional needs are met with a range of Yummy Bites Meal products that are ready to accompany their eating activities.
A New Way to Eat Fun for Your Little One with Yummy Bites Pasta
Having a child who is difficult to eat is one problem that is quite confusing for every parent. Moreover, we are currently in the new normal era. Parents are increasingly selective in inviting their little one to eat out to their favorite place to eat when it's hard to eat. So, cooking yourself is one solution. However, even your little one can get bored with the same food at home. Your little one's vitamin and nutritional needs still have to be fulfilled so that it doesn't affect their health right? Therefore, Moms must start to be creative in serving food for your little one. It can be from the aroma, the way it is served, and the appearance or form of the dish that is attractive like the star shape of Yummy Bites Pasta. This pasta from Yummy Bites is very easy to create with various types of dishes. Plus the star shape of the pasta can make the dining atmosphere more exciting and enjoyable. Then, your little one can learn to recognize star shapes. Not only that, Yummy Bites Pasta has also been fortified with vitamins and minerals that can meet the needs of your little one. The texture and size that have been adjusted also make Yummy Bites Pasta easy for your little one to consume. So, now Moms don't need to worry anymore, Yummy Bites Pasta is ready to be a mainstay for you and your little one.
Share with Yummy Bites during the Covid-19 pandemic
In September the positive numbers from Covid-19 continued to increase. The Covid-19 Pandemic period made it increasingly difficult for many people to survive because of their health, and the economy was unstable, and some people even found it difficult to make ends meet. This is why Yummy Bites continues to share with others. Yummy Bites is now sharing again with one of the Social Foundations to donate several Yummy Bites products to meet the nutritional needs of these disadvantaged Indonesian children. The products from Yummy Bites themselves have many benefits to complement the daily needs and growth of your little one. Yummy Bites hopes that this assistance can help Indonesian children stay healthy and can help boost the immune system that children need during a pandemic like this.
Yummy Bites Activities during the Covid-19 Pandemic
The number of cases of Corona Virus Disease 19 (Covid-19) is increasing day by day. This has had a huge impact on all countries in the world, including Indonesia. Many Indonesians are experiencing difficulties due to this pandemic. Not a few lost their permanent jobs or even worse, they had great difficulty in fulfilling their daily needs. Reflecting on this background, Yummy Bites together with one of the Wonderfood Indonesia social foundations, were moved to donate several Yummy Bites products to meet the nutritional needs of these less fortunate Indonesian children. With the vision of Yummy Bites which always provides the best nutrition for your little one, Yummy Bites is collaborating with Wonderfood Indonesia to carry out this sharing activity. This Yummy Bites activity is certainly very well welcomed by the public, especially since the nutrition contained in all Yummy Bites products has the benefit of complementing the baby's growth and development needs, as well as increasing the immune system needed by children at times like this.
Yummy Bites Becomes Best Friend Sandra Dewi Son
Mikhael Moeis, the second son of Sandra Dewi, is now 10 months old. As he grows older, of course Michael needs the figure of a friend who is always there for him. Friends are not always defined as a form of person, but also in the form of toys or food. Since turning MPASI, which is 6 months, Mikhael Moeis is already familiar with Yummy Bites Rice Crackers and Cereals. Sandra Dewi mentioned that Yummy Bites has become a loyal friend to her two children, including Mikha. If Mikha is being fussy, Sandra is always on hand to bring her son's loyal friend anywhere and everywhere. In addition, the nutrients contained therein also provide excellent benefits for Mikha growth and development. "Yummy Bites are presented to be a companion of complementary foods for your little one. They have a wide selection of baby foods with different textures and flavors that can be adjusted to the child's abilities and preferences." There are also special options for children with allergies. We are of course happy to see Raphael & Mikha growing healthy with Yummy Bites, ”said Devina Hantoyo as Business Development Manager of Yummy Bites in a press statement, Thursday (30/7). Responding to that, Sandra Dewi also shared her comments about the experiences of complementary foods from her two children. "From Rafa MPASI and now also Mikha, I always entrust everything to Yummy Bites. It has complete nutritional content, so we don't worry anymore, "said Sandra. Sandra admits that good food can certainly be a friend for children's development. As a parent, he must be wise in choosing the right food for his child. "Choosing good food is an obligation as a parent for the child's future growth and development," he said.
Maintain the Immunity of Your Little One during the Pandemic, These are Tips for Healthy Food from Sandra Dewi
Top Indonesian actress, Sandra Dewi, gave tips on healthy food for children, especially toddlers, who are in a transition period from the habit of consuming breast milk (ASI) to consuming complementary foods (complementary foods). Especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic, your little one must also maintain his immune system. "For me, food is very important, because after all nutrition apart from breast milk, also from food, and mothers have to give complementary foods right," said Sandra Dewi during Live Instagram (IG Live) on her Instagram account. Yummy Bites on Friday. Sandra Dewi, who has experience in caring for her two children, Raffa and Mikha, admits that the drama of eating your little one is a problem that is quite confusing for every mother. According to Sandra Dewi, to avoid difficulty eating for your little one, mothers should try to create a comfortable and pleasant mood, especially when their little one eats. "I finally found a food that my children Raffa and Mikha like. It is Yummy Bites Organic Noodles," said Sandra Dewi excitedly. According to Sandra Dewi, apart from being made from organic ingredients, Yummy Bites Organic Noodles are also low in sodium, and are specially produced for children with a texture that is easy to digest. “.. Rafa really likes noodles. If we usually use normal noodles, the sodium is high, then we don't know the nutrition. But if Yummy Bites's noodle is organic, it's safe ”. Sandra Dewi admitted that after reading, she knew that Yummy Bites Organic Noodles have many flavors of broccoli, spinach, and also nutritious sweet potatoes for children to consume. Its contents such as Omega 3 and Omega 6 are good for children's brain development and can be consumed from the age of 7 months and over. Sandra believes that choosing the right food is very important for children's growth and development, including maintaining children's immunity in the midst of the current Covid-19 pandemic. Sandra Dewi looks confident in sharing these tips because she herself felt the benefits of caring for her two children, Raphael Moeis (3 years) and Mikhael Moeis (9 months).
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